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1.What regions are our products manufactured in?
U.S.A    Many of our hygiene products are produced in the U.S.A. with the majority of our adult diaper and adult pull-up offers being manufactured there, whether that be first choice packed stock or second grade goods.
Mainland Europe    The vast majority of our baby diaper and baby pull-up products are manufactured in mainland Europe. Many of these factories are very well known, such as Ontex (produce the baby brand Toujour), and P&G (produce Pampers). For many years we have also worked with adult hygiene producers in Europe in countries such as France (AMD), and Spain. 
China    With China’s growth as a manufacturing power in the hygiene industry, we have built relations with a select few factories who produce unbranded and private label products, such as baby and adult diapers, pull-ups, wet wipes and sanitary towels. All our manufacturing partners produce goods of a high and consistent quality while also maintaining lower prices than their European counterparts.
2. What regions do we export to?
We export to Eastern and Western Europe, West, North. And South Africa, and Asia. The majority of our exports however are sent to Eastern Europe, India, and South Africa
3. Means of transportation - container/truck loads 
The majority of our orders are transported by container or by truck. This is dependent on two factors; price and geography. 
For orders made by companies based in mainland Europe, if you require DTS to provide logistical services we can usually offer an option of delivery by truck or container. However the price and lead time will vary substantially between trucking and shipping so please always think carefully before confirming a delivery method. 
All exports going to North, West, and South Africa with be transported by container.
India and East Asia:
The majority of all order going to India will be transported container, however we may have offers from Asia at any time so please contact us to find out if we any available stock that can be trucked to you.


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